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​WELCOME!        Congrats Range on his UT P1


Roughrider Kennel is a small family-owned NAVHDA registered kennel. We are located in the heart of North Dakota pheasant country near Bismarck. For over thirty years, we have trained and hunted with quality gundogs. But it was our discovery of the unique qualities of the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon that has made them our passion.

Our Roughrider Griffons are the perfect combination of family member and hunting dynamos. We believe the WPG breed is best served by limited breeding of only the best to the best. Therefore we are not a large breeding kennel, but have an occasional litter of only the highest quality. 


Our Griffs are working dogs. We hunt and guide with our Griffs across the plains and sloughs of the Dakotas from September until January. We are avid waterfowl and upland game bird enthusiasts.  The WPG's versatility and tenacity is the perfect combination for the variety of terrain, cover, climate and game being pursued. In the off, season our Griffs live for training days and time spent with the family.

Our first Griffon “Bourg Royal Roughrider's Teddy” was also responsible for us jumping into the world of NAVHDA, with both feet. Dan has held several offices in the Central Dakota chapter of NAVHDA, Dan really enjoys his time spent in the training field with friends of the versatile breeds. We encourage all of our owners to become NAVHDA members.

Dan and Julie Dorfschmidt


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